Friday, March 13, 2015

Inspire Giving With PPGC Group Pricing

Increase your planned giving skills at Crescendo's Practical Planned Giving Conference in Orlando on September 28-29. This year's theme will be "Inspiring the Depths of Planned Giving" with keynote speakers Steve Leimberg and Kivi Leroux Miller. Dive into two days of ideas and strategies to inspire your donors to give. Twenty-six industry experts will motivate you with 28 breakout sessions and six educational tracks. For more information, online registration and post-conference training, visit Ask about group pricing – only $395 (for 3 or more from same organization).

Monday, February 2, 2015

GiftLegacy eMarketing Works!

"I have found GiftLegacy to be of tremendous value to my health care organization in 2014 and to my marketing outreach on planned giving. As a result of utilizing the crescendo marketing tools this past year and especially the GiftLaw advisor ENewsletter, I received knowledge of two six figure estate gifts intended for Blanchard Valley Health Foundation from individuals I had no knowledge of prior to learning of their gifts. We also customized the Wills Planning guide with Crecendo's assistance and had over 130 requests for this high-value workbook. Lastly, my Crescendo GiftLegacy ENewsletter reader list grew from 97 subscribers in fall of 2013 to over 2300+ emails with a very high open rate. Excellent product!" 

- Colleen Lazar, Blanchard Valley Health Foundation

Friday, January 9, 2015

A New Year With New GiftLegacy Enhancements

Below are the latest enhancements to GiftLegacy that are being offered to subscribers at no additional cost:

-Second Quarter 2015 marketing package – The Q2 marketing package, now available in CresManager, focuses on gifts anyone can afford. It includes marketing materials for bequests, gifts of appreciated securities, real property, life estates and business interests. Comprehensive marketing materials on gifts of life insurance are a highlight of this package. There are also marketing pieces on ways your donors can maximize satisfaction from their investments through charitable planning. This package includes newsletters, postcards, brochures, inserts, ads, briefs, e-blasts, e-newsletter headers and more.

-Spanish wills guide – We have created a Spanish version of the standard GiftLegacy wills guide. If you are working with Spanish speaking donors, you will appreciate the ability to provide marketing resources that help these donors create estate and charitable plans. The Spanish wills guide is now available in CresManager.

-Gifts of farm interests marketing package – If you work with donors who own farms, land, cattle, crops, machinery and other farm interests, you will like this new marketing package available in CresManager. This package covers gift options for the most commonly owned farm and ranching assets and includes postcards, brochures, inserts, ads, briefs, e-blasts and more.

-Special needs marketing package – If you are an organization working with persons who have special needs or you have donors who wish to assist loved ones with special needs, this marketing package is for you. We have designed these pieces to market bequests, unitrusts and special needs trust gifts that can help a person with special needs and charity. This package includes postcards, brochures, inserts, ads, briefs, e-blasts and more.

-Special needs trust online marketing – Crescendo has created a new web page and donor story to promote special needs trust plans that can help a person with special needs and charity. Please contact your GiftLegacy coordinator if you wish to add these online marketing features to your website.

We wish you the best of success in your planned gifts marketing. If you need assistance with creating your marketing plan for the upcoming year, please contact us.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Attend the Multichannel Marketing Seminar

Are you marketing planned gifts in all of the right places? How do your donors like to receive information from you? Multichannel marketing is the best way to optimize your planned gifts marketing and close more gifts faster. This seminar will help you develop a multichannel marketing strategy using the latest enhancements to the GiftLegacy marketing system. 

An effective multichannel marketing plan is smart and strategic. Learn the secrets of branding and segmentation for planned giving lead generation. We will cover marketing best practices for Planned Giving Websites and Mobile Websites, eNewsletters and eBlasts, Literature, Social Media, Video and more. You will learn how to dramatically increase your response rates and close gifts by coordinating your marketing channels to maximize efficiency and produce results. 

To find a location near you click here. We look forward to seeing you!

Latest GiftLegacy Enhancements

We hope your end of year gifts marketing is well underway and already producing results! Please let us know if we can be of assistance to you in taking advantage of the comprehensive offerings in the CresManager. Below are the latest enhancements to GiftLegacy that are being offered at no additional cost:

-New web content – We have completed a total rewrite of all of the How to Give, What to Give and Donor Stories pages on the GiftLegacy website. We have greatly enhanced the gift explanations and benefits on virtually all of these pages. The new more detailed content may be viewed at Because you may have already customized the content on your organization’s web pages, we want your permission before we make any updates. If you would like to update your organization’s website to reflect some or all of the new content, please contact your GiftLegacy coordinator.

-Three new quad-fold brochures We have added three new quad-fold brochures to the CresManager which provide detailed information on charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts. The new quad-folds are designed to provide more in-depth gift explanations than the typical brochure and are located under brochures in the literature section of CresManager.

-Lead trust 4-page guide – We have completed a new 4-page guide on charitable lead trusts. This piece is designed for your donors who request detailed information on how lead trusts work and the benefits. The new 4-page guide is available in the literature section of CresManager.

-Bequest marketing direct mail – A new letter for marketing charitable bequests has been added to the documents section in CresManager. Research shows that donors who create charitable gift annuities also make bequests. For clients with a current Crescendo Admin license, you can use GiftMail to send a version of this letter to your gift annuity donors.

-Donor survey – Several individuals have asked us if we could provide them with a sample donor survey. These individuals wanted to survey their donors and seek feedback on the kind of content and information that donors find helpful. We now have a survey tool to meet this need! The survey is available in the documents section of CresManager. You can send the survey in a writable PDF or word document. The survey covers topics from preferred email frequency to web content preferences and asks donors to share information about their intention to leave a bequest or other planned gift. We encourage you to survey your donors at least annually as a way to inform your future marketing decisions.

-Pooled income fund web page – Some organizations are using creative investment strategies to produce higher returns for pooled income fund donors. If your organization has a pooled income fund it wishes to market, consider adding our new pooled income fund web page to your GiftLegacy website. Contact your GiftLegacy coordinator to review the new web content on pooled income funds.

As always, we wish you the best of success in your planned gifts marketing. As this year draws to a close, please let us know how we can be of assistance to you and your organization.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Crescendo Releases New Innovations

Each year at the Practical Planned Giving Conference, Crescendo President Charles Schultz discusses the latest innovations. Innovations for 2014 include CresLite, CresPlus, CresVideo, BCL and CresPrint.

1. CresLite is the first planned giving software “on-the-go.” With CresLite you can run a gift annuity, unitrust, annuity trust or other gift planning illustration anywhere at any time from your browser using your PC  or MAC, Android or Apple tablet. CresLite illustrations include the persuasive graphics of the desktop Crescendo program. You can save  a PDF and print or e-mail it to a donor or professional advisor. CresLite is included with your GiftLegacy Pro subscription and is also available separately.

2. The Crescendo Plus presentation program has also moved online. GiftLegacy Pro users can now  click on CresPlus and download persuasive PowerPoint seminars  or donor presentations from the internet. Popular seminar choices include: the Provide and Protect seminar, How to Help Family seminar and the Farm Retirement Plan seminar. CresPlus is another added benefit with GiftLegacy Pro.

3. CresVideo— Crescendo’s Design Team has been busy updating the videos that appear on the GiftLegacy websites. There are video links in three different locations on the websites: The “How and What to Give” pages, the “Learn About Wills” page and the “Plan Your Will” page.

Readers can learn about wills and living trusts by watching a series of simple and diverse instructional videos, located on the “Learn About Wills” page. You can also view a step-by-step video tour of the online Wills Planner on the “Plan Your Will” page.

The third group of new videos are helpful and fun explanations of how and what to give. Readers will enjoy the animated explanations found on the “How to Give” and “What  to Give” pages.

4. BCL— All charities should run an annual bequest campaign. To help get you started, we created a comprehensive bequest campaign launch, we call BCL, for all of our new GiftLegacy Pro subscribers. Using Adobe InDesign software, our Design Team will customize a 28-page wills guide, an insert or postcard, a trifold brochure, a mission page, an e-blast and an e-newsletter header. We will even upload these files to your CresManager Literature Section. Subscribers will be able to download native InDesign or PDF files, send them to a professional printer or use their desktop printer to produce the materials. What could be easier? The customized materials will reflect the branding, colors and image of your organization. You may also choose to upload these files to your website for your readers. For ideas regarding bequest campaign strategies, you will find five videos available in the “Wills Campaign Section” of the CresManager that give an overview and explanation of four strategies.

5. CresPrint— We understand gift planners are very busy people; mostly under-staffed, over-worked, and under-funded—but never unappreciated! We wanted to provide an easy, complete solution for the print marketing needs of organizations both big and small, and all those in-between.

To help get you started, we created BCL—a customized multichannel marketing campaign for bequests. Within the CresManager, we provide hundreds of royalty-free PDFs formatted to print from your desktop printer.

For those fortunate enough to have more resources, we provide hundreds of native InDesign files to customize and print using a professional printer.

Now, we have developed CresPrint—a simple-to-use online program that empowers you to easily customize print marketing materials on your schedule, within your budget. It is fast, easy, flexible and mobile, because it is online! We will be formally launching CresPrint by the end of the year. Upload your pictures, import your logo and include your corporate colors. Export a PDF and print from your desktop printer or send the file to a professional CresPrinter. If you choose, upload a mailing list and let the CresPrinter send it out for you. So simple, anyone can do it!

Crescendo is excited to release these GiftLegacy innovations for 2014, as we continue to seek new and creative ways to provide greater services to the entire field of philanthropy.

PPGC 2014 Awards Have Been Announced!

The Best GiftLegacy Website Award was presented to the San Diego Zoo. Their planned giving website features a fresh, clean design with animal photos, a mission page, Heritage Guild page, social media tools, custom donor stories, branded donor presentations and more.

Congratulations also to World Vision and the Henry Ford Museum who received Honorable Mention in the website category.

The Best GiftLegacy Literature Award was presented to the University of Michigan for their beautifully branded suite of marketing materials. Honorable Mention was awarded to the University of Texas, Arlington and the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

Congratulations to David Moore, Director of Planned Giving at Chapman University who received the coveted 2014 eMarketer of the Year Award. David has used Crescendo’s GiftLegacy tools and services since 2012. In 2013, Chapman booked over $100 million in planned gifts!

Lindsay Lapole was presented the 2014 GiftLeader Award for his outstanding leadership in Philanthropy as Chairman of the American Council on Gift annuities, Planned Giving Director for The Salvation Army Southern Territory, Gift Planning Consultant, and Chairman of the National Planned Giving Consultants of TSA.