Monday, October 12, 2015

Simplify Gift Annuity Administration

Make gift annuity administration easy with Crescendo Admin Software.  Request a free 30-day trial of Crescendo Admin today.  Find out how easy it is to create data records for annuitants, run monthly reports, generate check distributions, calculate reserve account balances, prepare year-end 1099-Rs, create state present value reports, utilize electronic fund transfer and much more.

Crescendo Admin Software now includes a GiftMail option that allows you to send a custom letter marketing the benefits of a gift annuity to your existing gift annuitants or to a list of potential donors. Call 800-858-9154 today for a 30-day free trial software.  Be sure to ask about no cost conversions from most other gift annuity administration software.

GiftLegacy eMarketing Works!

 “When I came on board, we went exclusively with Crescendo and are extremely happy, both with the product, pricing and the customer service. HHF uses the Crescendo e-newsletters (donor and advisor), brochures, print newsletter, website, software, marketing materials and plan, wills guide, bequest literature, basically all Crescendo has to offer.” Julie Heggeness, Executive Director, Gift Planning at Hoag Hospital Foundation

Over the past three years HHD has raised over $55 Million in planned gifts!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Multichannel Marketing Closes More Gifts

Are you marketing planned gifts in all of the right places? How do your donors like to receive information from you? Multichannel marketing is the best way to optimize your planned gifts marketing and close more gifts faster. This seminar will help you develop a multichannel marketing strategy using the latest enhancements to the GiftLegacy marketing system. 

An effective multichannel marketing plan is smart and strategic. Learn the secrets of branding and segmentation for planned giving lead generation. We will cover marketing best practices for Planned Giving Websites and Mobile Websites, eNewsletters and eBlasts, Literature, Social Media, Video and more. You will learn how to dramatically increase your response rates and close gifts by coordinating your marketing channels to maximize efficiency and produce results. 

To find a location near you click here. We look forward to seeing you!

Monday, July 20, 2015

End of Year Gifts and Other New Additions to GiftLegacy!

We have just released new additions to the GiftLegacy marketing package available to subscribers at no additional cost:

1.   Q4 End of Year Gifts Marketing Package – With the end of the year approaching, you may be looking for ways to market year-end gifts to your donors.  The Q4 package focuses on smart ideas for year–end benefits and features outright gifts of appreciated assets, life insurance gifts, charitable life income plans and charitable life estates.  This package, which is available in the literature section of CresManager, includes brochures, briefs, newsletters, postcards, ads, e-blasts, inserts and more.

2.   New Russell James marketing additions! – We have added a number of additions to our GiftLegacy online and print marketing resources in response to the latest research released by Russell James.  In recent updates to his American Bequests Demographics study, James has shown more transfers occurring outside of traditional wills and trusts and encouraged nonprofits to also market beneficiary designation gifts.  In a new study, he has provided marketing language that tests well with donors.  In response to this research, your GiftLegacy marketing now includes:

a.   Three new donor stories with matching brochures on the topics of beneficiary designation gifts, payable on demand transfers to charity (PODs) and transfer on demand gifts to charity (TODs). 
b.   A new beneficiary designations web page available under How to Give on your GiftLegacy website. 
c.    Updated marketing language for GiftLegacy bequest campaigns that follows James’ research.

3.   Pooled Income Funds Marketing Package – While many charities have closed their pooled income funds, some organizations are discovering new ways to invest their pools to achieve a higher return.  Crescendo has released a new marketing package for organizations that wish to market active pooled income funds.  The Dive Into Pooled Income Funds package, now available in the literature section of CresManager, includes brochures, briefs, newsletters, postcards, ads, e-blasts, inserts and more.

4.   GiftLaw News – Crescendo has released another GiftLaw News video and reading material on Blended Gifts for your next quarterly advisor meeting.  This quarter’s video focuses on how advisors can assist clients with making combination outright and planned gifts to achieve their personal and financial goals.  The latest GiftLaw News video is available in CresManager under GiftCollege for Professional Advisors. 

As always, it is our pleasure to serve you and your charity.  If you need any assistance with these or other GiftLegacy products and services, please contact us

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

PPGC Scholarship Opportunity

Want to attend PPGC 2015 in Orlando, FL, but don't have the budget? We will be awarding scholarships to nonprofit professionals who send us an email ( describing their organization, background as a fundraiser, and why they are interested in attending the Conference. If you are selected, Crescendo will cover your conference registration fee. Winners will be announced on our Facebook page.

Conditions of Scholarship: Scholarships are used exclusively for registration fees for PPGC 2015, are non-transferable, and have no cash or exchange value. Scholarships are for the amount of the full conference registration fee. Any other fees or expenses, such as travel and lodging expenses will be the responsibility of the scholarship winner.

Monday, April 6, 2015

New Offerings from GiftLegacy

Below are the latest enhancements to GiftLegacy that are being offered to subscribers at no additional cost:

  • 2015 Q3 Marketing Package – The Q3 Marketing Package has been posted. This package focuses on planned gifts to build your endowment and highlights charitable bequests, beneficiary designation gifts, life estates and life income plans. Marketing materials include postcards, inserts, brochures, briefs, ads, e-blasts, newsletters and more. The Q3 Marketing Package is now posted in the literature section of CresManager.
  • Charitable Life Estate Guide – A new four-page guide on the topic of charitable life estates has been posted in the literature section of CresManager. This guide provides an in-depth look at how charitable life estates can help your donors achieve their personal and philanthropic goals. It also highlights important planning considerations including permissible properties, MIT agreements and the treatment of debt encumbered property.
  • Responsive Design E-newsletters – Our design and technology teams have worked together to create new options for responsive design e-newsletters. These new e-newsletters are available to you upon request at no additional charge and will allow your supporters more ease in viewing your communications on smartphones and tablets. Please contact us for more information.
  • New Web Designs – GiftLegacy clients are entitled to one free website redesign each year. Our design team has created new design elements and styles. If you would like to make changes to or update the entire look of your website, please contact us.    

  • CresBequest Registration – Now is the time to register for Crescendo’s newest marketing program, CresBequest. Learn the basics of how to implement an effective bequest campaign through a series of webinars and personal consultations. This program is filling up quickly. So, please call us at 1-800-858-9154 if you are interested in registering.

  • If you need any assistance with your planned gifts marketing please don't hesitate to contact us.

    Monday, February 2, 2015

    GiftLegacy eMarketing Works!

    "I have found GiftLegacy to be of tremendous value to my health care organization in 2014 and to my marketing outreach on planned giving. As a result of utilizing the crescendo marketing tools this past year and especially the GiftLaw advisor ENewsletter, I received knowledge of two six figure estate gifts intended for Blanchard Valley Health Foundation from individuals I had no knowledge of prior to learning of their gifts. We also customized the Wills Planning guide with Crecendo's assistance and had over 130 requests for this high-value workbook. Lastly, my Crescendo GiftLegacy ENewsletter reader list grew from 97 subscribers in fall of 2013 to over 2300+ emails with a very high open rate. Excellent product!" 

    - Colleen Lazar, Blanchard Valley Health Foundation