Monday, January 6, 2020

Expect a Dramatic Increase in IRAs to Testamentary Unitrusts

The SECURE Act repeals the stretch IRA beneficiary payouts and changes the time from life expectancy to 10 years. What plan could replace the former stretch IRA distribution?  Could a plan combine the tax-saving benefits of a stretch IRA with a term-of-years or life payout to children or other heirs?  Could this plan also have the tax-free growth benefit of a stretch IRA? While it sounds too good to be true, the IRA to testamentary unitrust plan includes all of these benefits. During 2020, there will be a boom market in planning for qualified retirement plans to testamentary unitrusts. Click here to learn more.

Announcing CresSurvey - A New Survey Tool to Help You Reach Your Top Donors

Donor surveys are a way to understand your donors’ interests and engage them to support your cause. With the CresSurvey donor survey tool, you can gather information about your donors’ preferences, discover what motivates your donors to give and encourage your donors to make and acknowledge their gifts to your organization. Click here to learn more.

Simplify Gift Annuity Administration with Crescendo Admin Software

Make gift annuity administration easy with Crescendo Admin Software. Discover how easy it is to create data records for annuitants, run monthly reports, generate check distributions, calculate reserve account balances, prepare year-end 1099-Rs, create state present value reports, utilize electronic fund transfer and much more. Use the GiftMail option to send a custom letter marketing the benefits of a gift annuity to your existing gift annuitants or to a list of potential donors. Contact us for your free software trial. Ask about no cost conversions from most other gift annuity administration programs.