Monday, December 2, 2019

Simplify Gift Annuity Administration with Crescendo Admin Software

Make gift annuity administration easy with Crescendo Admin Software. Discover how easy it is to create data records for annuitants, run monthly reports, generate check distributions, calculate reserve account balances, prepare year-end 1099-Rs, create state present value reports, utilize electronic fund transfer and much more. Use the GiftMail option to send a custom letter marketing the benefits of a gift annuity to your existing gift annuitants or to a list of potential donors. Call 800-858-9154 today for your free software trial. Ask about no cost conversions from most other gift annuity administration programs. 

Do You Have a Plan for Marketing Blended and Planned Gifts?

CresCoaching is a five-week webinar coaching series that will help you build and launch an effective marketing program to close more gifts and grow your legacy society. You will learn how to create a time and cost efficient marketing plan that is tailored specifically to your organization. CresCoaching starts with a webinar week one to give you a framework to implement a marketing plan with bequest campaign strategies, IRA Rollover marketing and blended gifts. Weeks two and three include personal calls to build your custom marketing plan. Week four is a valuable networking opportunity that enables you to view plans from other organizations. Week five includes a webinar entitled Market Major and DAF Gifts that shows you how to propose and close major and DAF gifts. Contact us to learn more.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Follow us on Social Media

Crescendo uses social media to provide gift planners with important information including changes to the tax code and the rate of the month, updates about Crescendo seminars and products, helpful hints for our users and more.  If you are not following Crescendo on social media, we invite you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Questions? Call us at 800-858-9154.