Monday, July 15, 2013

Webinar: Multiply Your Gifts in a Changing Economy

With your donors already receiving over 3,000 marketing messages daily, your organization must adopt a multichannel marketing strategy (that includes web, print, email and social media) to achieve the level and quality of contact required to reach and inspire your supporters to make gifts in the "new normal."  The goal of this webinar is to show you how technology innovations can help you multiply gifts to your organization.  The likelihood of higher tax rates will make planned gifts extremely attractive to your donors in 2013 and beyond.  There will be a greater interest in charitable remainder trusts as a way to avoid rising capital gains taxes.  Your donors, particularly seniors, who are concerned about security in an changing economy, will continue to gravitate towards gift annuities.  The Baby Boomers and younger generations will find bequests a great way to make a charitable gift now and preserve their resources for the future.  While the economy poses challenges, it creates great opportunity for your organization to make planned gifts a regular part of your annual revenue.  Learn how your organization can leverage the new technologies that enable you to reach a greater number of donors at a low cost to your organization.

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