Tuesday, August 2, 2016

GiftLegacy Marketing Works!

"Participating in the new GiftLegacy CresBequest program was a great way to educate us on the development of a custom campaign.  The opening webinar provided us with a great starting point and an idea of what we should be focusing on while in planning stages, the 3 one-on-one calls that followed allowed for more personalized planning and strategy specific to our institution, and the final webinar brought it all together.  It was nice to hear and see what the other institutions in our group came up with.   This format was able to provide us with enough information to set up a customized bequest marketing campaign." -Jason Sciotti, Alfred State. 

The GiftLegacy Multichannel Marketing System features essential elements for marketing success including an interactive website, mobile website, weekly enewsletters for donors and professionals, marketing literature (ads, articles, brochures, inserts, postcards, wills guides, quarterly print newsletters), annual campaigns (gift annuity, bequest, IRA rollover and end of year), social networking, donor analytics, proposal software, training and much more. Special Offer! Learn how your organization can increase gifts with GiftLegacy Marketing. Call 800-858-9154 or reply today to request your free GiftLegacy demonstration! Then visit www.CrescendoInteractive.com  for GiftLegacy details and check out the latest Gift success stories