Friday, September 30, 2011

Five New Products Announced!

Crescendo CEO and President Charles Schultz announced five new products at this week’s Practical Planned Giving Conference (PPGC) 2011 in San Diego, California.  The new product innovations include CresMobile, GiftCharity, Board of Directors Education, Field Staff Marketing and Mission Videos.


CresMobile is a smartphone application for planned giving calculations on-the-go.  The new app is available for use on your iPhone or Android Smartphone. 

CresMobile permits the user to run calculations for a charitable gift annuity, deferred gift annuity, charitable remainder unitrust, annuity trust or lead trust.  Just enter your donor information and view the answers formatted for your favorite Smartphone.

CresMobile is available for download from the Android Market and Apple Store.  The app is free this for PPP attendees and will cost $2.99 for download beginning on October 7.  It enables gift planners to run charitable giving calculations anytime anywhere. 


GiftCharity is a network marketing strategy for small to mid-sized charities working with a parent organization.  Many organizations such as universities, medical centers, religious organizations, community foundations and national foundations have a gift planner who provides services to affiliates. 

The GiftCharity capability allows a GiftLegacy Parent to assist an affiliate in offering planned gifts by providing a branded webpage, wills and gift annuity brochures, a wills guide and weekly eNewsletters for GiftCharity donors.  A GiftLegacy Parent may create GiftLegacy charities through the comprehensive CresManager program. 

Board of Directors

Most charitable organizations have a marketing strategy to reach donor groups, retired staff or faculty and professional advisors.  But your most important marketing strategy is to educate and motivate your Board of Directors.  The new Board of Directors Education Program includes 12 programs that will encourage your Board of Directors to set up bequests, gift annuities, life estates, and unitrusts, make gifts of land or stock.

Each lesson includes a 15 minute video for your board, accompanied by downloadable PowerPoint and article so your directors can take notes during the presentation.  There is also a 10 question quiz to reinforce concepts learned for each lesson.  You may want to hold a series of training sessions where you show a 15 minute video to your board, discuss the supplementary reading and the quiz answers. 

Our test charities have already responded very positively to the training materials for boards.  GiftCollege for Boards of Directors is an excellent way for you to educate your Directors on how to identify and encourage planned gifts to your organization. 

Field Staff

Many organizations have a central office and deployed field staff.  While the central office enjoys all of the marketing capabilities of the persuasive GiftLegacy program, field staff also would like to implement these marketing innovations in their region. 

With GiftLegacy field staff accounts, each team member will be permitted to send the weekly eNewsletters to donors in their territory, use the Provide & Protect bequest marketing system, educate local Boards of Directors and be “friended” by donors through the Wills Planner.  Field staff will also have access to statistics and analytics that will help them focus on the best donor prospects.

Mission Videos

Branding is a wonderful way to reach donors through a direct emotional connection.  A mission video is a one and one-half minute professionally-produced video that will inspire donors who visit your planned giving website. 

Mission Videos feature images of your organization’s work set to music with computer graphics and animation.  After sharing your story, the video provides an overview of your planned giving website and thanks supporters for their assistance to continue your work and contact you.  

“These five innovations complement the comprehensive marketing applications of GiftLegacy,” said Charles Schultz.  “PPGC attendees in San Diego were very enthusiastic about the potential for these ideas to help them increase planned gifts in the coming years.”

To learn more about Crescendo’s new product innovations, please call 1-800-858-9154.