Monday, September 26, 2011

PPGC 2011 GiftLegacy Awards Have Been Announced!

2011 GiftLegacy award winners were named today at Crescendo's 8th Annual Practical Planned Giving Conference in San Diego. Best 3.0 Website Award was presented to The Arts and Education Council of St. Louis. The Citadel Foundation and CHOC Children's Hospital received Honorable Mention for the Best Website category. Best Literature Award went to Messiah College and Honorable Mention went to The Leadership Institute and Wright State University.

The GiftLegacy eMarketer of the Year Award was given to Bill Yaeger, Assistant Vice President of Principal and Planned Gifts at The Citadel Foundation. He has used Crescendo's GiftLegacy system for planned giving since 2008 and has raised over $33 Million in planned gifts. This year Bill is on pace for at least $10 Million more in planned gifts. Congratulations to all of the winners!