Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Come Learn About Major Gifts and Great Lead Trusts

With the record low AFRs, there is greatly expanded opportunity in 2012 for lead trusts. Plus, as the markets recover in 2012, your donors will be interested in IRA and qualified plan gifts.

Join us for a lively two-day Advanced Seminar. First, with the large gift and estate applicable exclusion amounts ($5.12 million for 2012), nearly all your donors will be able to use the testamentary unitrust with no estate tax concern. Because this is often funded with IRAs or other qualified plans, there are excellent prospects for large numbers of "Give It Twice" trusts under the expanded estate exemptions.

Second, large estate owners now know that they face estate taxes. With AFRs at very low levels and asset values reasonable, it is a great time for large lead trusts.

Third, income tax planning will continue to increase in importance for upper-income taxpayers. The ability for unitrusts to be invested to pay "low-tax" income is greater than ever.

All three areas will be covered at the Crescendo Advanced Seminar on February 6-7 in our offices in Camarillo, California. To work with major donors and their advisors in 2012, you will need to understand how to present and close major gifts under the dramatically-changed estate laws.

To register for this powerful seminar, click here and sign up online or call 800-858-9154. We look forward to seeing you!