Monday, February 2, 2015

GiftLegacy eMarketing Works!

"I have found GiftLegacy to be of tremendous value to my health care organization in 2014 and to my marketing outreach on planned giving. As a result of utilizing the crescendo marketing tools this past year and especially the GiftLaw advisor ENewsletter, I received knowledge of two six figure estate gifts intended for Blanchard Valley Health Foundation from individuals I had no knowledge of prior to learning of their gifts. We also customized the Wills Planning guide with Crecendo's assistance and had over 130 requests for this high-value workbook. Lastly, my Crescendo GiftLegacy ENewsletter reader list grew from 97 subscribers in fall of 2013 to over 2300+ emails with a very high open rate. Excellent product!" 

- Colleen Lazar, Blanchard Valley Health Foundation